About Us:

Who We Are:

Aubusson-Tapestries.com is a group of artisans who collectively promote works that are excellent in multiple capacities. The true legacy of the rise of Aubusson is not only that tapestries are valuable and beautiful, but also that they can be made in many different styles. Many of the most famous pieces were made as furniture, pillows, or carpets! For this reason, we objectively analyze artistic tapestries of any style or design. If they follow the naturalistic outlook of the Aubusson Style, all the better, but if they do not it is not an issue and we would still love to see it and promote it if we like it! You can submit your piece of art for a front page promotion by contacting us on our contact page.

What We Are About:

Aubusson-Tapestries.com focuses on the promotion of tapestry related products and services. This includes the maintenance and proper care of Tapestry. We have a special tapestry restoration program and have allied with InstaDRY Carpet Cleaning Orlando to focus on the maintenance and care of Aubusson tapestry, rugs, and carpet. Our restoration system protects your Aubusson weaver and guarantees your satisfaction.

We are always looking with Artists, businesses, and retailers to ally with! Please Contact us now to see if we can set something up.

List of businesses and products that we promote and recommend to our clients and friends:

Florida State Homes- Our preferred real estate company!

Luv Bathrooms- Awesome Bathroom Accessories!