Luv Bathrooms

Recently, we remodeled the master bathroom in our home. This was a 6 month long process that is best summed up as a learning experience. One of the lessons learned was the value of having a one stop shop relationship with a bathroom supplies vendor. Luv bathrooms fit the bill. Not only were the products top quality and fashionable but the service was great and the prices very reasonable. Our favorite was a steam shower that we added. It really is amazing. Here is an article from their website that you might find useful:

Digital Features of Steam Showers

Steam showers aren't any ordinary bathroom fixtures. They're costly devices that are valued greatly because of their features. The greater number of features a shower possesses, the far better would be the quality of the steam session you experiences. The particular features differ for every producer. This is due to the simple fact that every one hopes to offer something that their rival doesn't have. Some components could be very helpful while some can be extremely perplexing. For this reason, we should look for a shower which has all of the desirable features that complement your own steam session. Today, a steam shower generally includes electronic products set up. This could control jobs starting from menial ones such as switching the radio on and off to warning the user of the present steam shower situations. Below are a few electronic components worth looking at in your shower:

Steam Timer

Drifting off to sleep during the steam period is pretty usual specifically since the common people that use the system are those who're quite worn out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drifting off to sleep apart from the fact that the skin is under the risk of cracking. It's because your skin loses its moisture through evaporation, leaving it dry. If it's too dry, it could crack with the slightest of touches. A few people cope with this concern by bringing alarm clocks or perhaps their smart phones inside the bathroom. They'll use these gadgets on tracking the time and set up an alert for 20 or 30 minutes. This is not the best option though as these gadgets might get wet and get broken. The most suitable choice is to get a steam shower with a built-in steam timer. This instantly switches off the steam generator every time a predetermined length of time is up. In this way, you can actually continue to doze off without damaging your skin.

Steam Temperature Control

Another excellent electronic component for your shower is the steam temperature control, often referred to as steam thermostat. This particular component is vital particularly when there are numerous persons utilizing the shower. The reason for this is that not all people is relaxed in the similar temperatures. For example, you may like getting the temperature around 100 degrees however your mother might be at ease at just 90. For the shower to become flexible, a temperature regulator has to be set. This component is something which comes standard in a number of steam showers specifically those created by people who deliver worldwide. There is absolutely no telling what exactly the customer's atmosphere is, that's why they should install this particular component. Like for example, a person coming from Asia is more inclined to put the actual temperature to a lesser level while somebody from Antarctica is definitely gonna max it out.

Audio Adjustments

Not everyone enjoys to relax in dead silence. There are a few people who find a little tune more pleasurable for a certain session. So as to satisfy this particular need, a few bring their own laptops, phones and stereos with them inside the bathroom. Furthermore, it is possible to possess this as a component of the shower. With this installed, you don't have to carry all your devices any longer. Enjoy a steam shower from Luv Bathrooms