Amazing Aubusson Tapestry Collection Found in Florida

A brand new finding in Florida this week has shaken the tapestry world a collector who has recently passed away in The Villages, Florida while having his estate cleaned by local carpet cleaning company. The estate seller in his home was getting the next room ready for cleaning when they found hundreds of thousands of dollars of custom tapestry weavings. His home was worth roughly $300,000 prior to the discovery. After the discovery the estate jump up in value to over .75 million dollars. The collection included roughly 400 years’ worth of history from the 1200s to the 1600s.

Since he was the final descendant the works are going to be returned to the office in area as a special donation in memoriam of the family. This family has historical ties to the Aubusson region. The man that had passed away was, “somewhat French, he had a slight accent and would sometimes eat foods that were non-traditional” as said by the neighbors.

In recent years there's been a mass outbreak of loss of art from Aubusson timeframe. This is tragic because these tapestries are very well regarded for not only their color choices, their vibrancy, and there gorgeous weaving skill, but also for their incredible historical significance. It is well established both on this site and others that the office and weavers are skilled like few others in history have ever been. The ways that their ties extend from the French nobility, to the Middle East Crusades, into the rise of industrialization as we know it is undeniable. Certain sites such as this drive to protect this legacy by encouraging the remembrance and the valuation of historical periods such as the Aubusson revolution. Going forward we can only hope that more such collections such as this will be discovered, well maintained, and be able to be brought to museums and historical locations as they well deserve.

The technician who was working in the home doing a final cleaning of the Home said that when the discovery was made by the estate sale team, they let out a shriek! He's rushed down to see what the commotion was all about! It was apparently a true commotion. The five year veteran from local cleaning company InstaDry followed up by saying that when the discovery was made while he was working he couldn't help drop the machine and run in to look at the amazing collection of artwork. The technician said it was truly gorgeous. As far as art analysis goes, we are hoping to find more and more caches like this scattered throughout the area and residents are on watch to see if they'll be the one to make the discovery.

This is important in the world of current tapestry enthusiasm because it's been a very long time since the discovery of fresh new tapestries has occurred. In recent years it's mostly been selling or reselling of already established pieces as well as the complete stagnation of new work being produced. This discovery however changes that mindset fully and has completely revitalized the ideas behind the establishment. It brings hope to collectors and artists like who are now positive that there will be new pieces of art to be found both from established providers and new artists and weavers alike.